You will find in our Exceptional Range our high-end barrels, recommended on your wines with great potential. Discover our special barrels: the famous Video®, our barrel with extra tight grain staves air-dried 30-36 months and Medium Long toast Alto, its big brother with a Medium Plus toast has joined the permanent range recently, and the classic HB36, with our France selection of staves air- dried for 36 months.
The existing quality of Rousseau’s barrels, with improved grain tightness and seasoning !

In brief …

pièce Tonnellerie Rousseau

Extra-tight grains or long seasoning

chauffe Tonnellerie Rousseau

For wine with high potential, high-end segment

sablier tonnellerie rousseau

Long ageing periods (11 months & more)

Expert Range

Traditionnal Range

Confidential Range

Outside France Series