The Traditional Range has been the traditional barrel range created by Tonnellerie Rousseau! Started at the end of the 90’s, tested and approved since then, it really symbolizes our experience and know-how.
It’s been developed originally with Burgundian winemakers. Our goal was clearly to bring more consistency in the oak and toasting rofiles. Beyond a single forest, we have thus identified several regions of forests to offer simuilart products to our customers year after year.

The barrels can also be easily customized :
since the level of toasting can be chosen among the 5 toasting levels we offer. Consequently, each barrel can be used for white or red wines.

In brief…

pièce Tonnellerie Rousseau

Consistency in oak profile

chauffe Tonnellerie Rousseau

Level of toasting can be customized

sablier tonnellerie rousseau

Long ageing periods (11-18 months)



Expert Range

Confidential Range

Exceptional Series

Outside France Series