1 barrel= 1 specific forest !

Our Confidential range brings to light the oaks grown in the state-owned
forests of Tronçais, Bertranges, and Châtillon… These names evoke the most prestigious oak forests of France, and perhaps Europe!
We have set up a special supply chain for these barrels, in order to guarantee their origin.
Due to the scarcity of oaks, the barrels of our Confidential Range are only available in limited amounts and in 228 L.

In brief…

chene français Tonnellerie Rousseau

One specific forest

chauffe Tonnellerie Rousseau

Choose your toasting level

sablier tonnellerie rousseau

Recommended on long ageing periods (11-18 months)


France gamme confidentielle Tonnellerie Rousseau

Expert Range

Traditionnal Range

Exceptional Series

Outside France Series