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Savoir-Faire in Oak: Tonnellerie Rousseau’s Time-Honored Craftmanship Shaping the Future of Wine with Respect and Excellence

Explore the traditional art of cooperage with Tonnellerie Rousseau, a renowned family business in Burgundy. Since 1954, they have been perpetuating the artisan tradition of meticulously selecting white oak from sustainable French forests. PEFC-certified, the cooperage is committed to optimal wood traceability and actively participates in the regeneration of French forests by planting 2,000 trees a year.

Tonnellerie Rousseau’s 60-gallon barrels, fudges and oak vats embody meticulous craftsmanship, often taking up to 100 hours to complete. Frédéric Rousseau, head of the third generation, guides customers in selecting the ideal style of wine during personalised tastings. Their ultimate goal: to guarantee an exceptional experience with wines that reach their peak after aging in their barrels. Tonnellerie Rousseau is committed to preserving nature by giving back as much as it receives, shaping the future of wine with respect and excellence.

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