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At Tonnellerie Rousseau, we offer 5 major Product ranges, as well as completely custom-made vessels, to adapt our expertise to your project’s needs. In our quest for excellence and innovation, we have developed 3 new products for the 2024 season. We are excited to unveil the Tonic, the Virtuo, and the Hexagone for 2024.



Tonnellerie Rousseau’s Expert Range is produced using a specific oak refining method, and a toasting technique that guarantees a moderate wood contribution and quick integration of the wines. Tonnellerie Rousseau carefully selects the wood sources. Click here to find out more.

The Tonic® model completes the expert range with a minimal aromatic profile, without toasty aromas, and a longer, fresher palate. It is the result of an evolution in climate and wine styles, where we are not looking for roundness from barrels, but rather freshness and tension.

Tonic is perfect for ageing your white and lighter red wines for 10 months or less.

The Expert Range also includes the Piano, Allegro and Forte models. To find out more, click here.



In our Exceptional Series, you’ll find top-of-the-range barrels (extra fine grain and long natural drying), particularly suited to your high-potential wines requiring long ageing: 11 months or more.

An adaptation of the elegant and extremely popular Vidéo®, the Virtuo®, the newcomer, is a subtle accompaniment to your reserve red or white wines. It’s perfect for ageing for 11 to 18 months, and will bring out the best in your wines: bright fruit, elegance and density, and a slender, fresh and dynamic palate.

This barrel benefits from a long, clear toast: allowing it to adapt to the changing profile of the wines and to bring more freshness and dynamism to richer wines. Its toasting allows delicate extraction, while respecting the grape variety and terroir, with a very lively aromatic contribution.

The Vidéo, Alto and HB36 models are all part of the Exceptional Series. To find out more about them, click here.



The Confidential Range highlights the most prestigious oak forests in France, and in Europe. Because of the rarity of these oaks, the barrels in the Confidential Range are only available in 228-litre sizes. They are available in the full range of toasting profiles, for long-ageing wines: from 11 to 18 months.

Each year, we’ll introduce a new barrel from a new forest, a barrel numbered and in limited edition, so you can introduce as an innovating and original tool into your winery. Our Tour de France of oak forests began in 2018 with Rambouillet, followed by Bellême, Montagne de Reims, Versailles…

This year, for our Hexagone 2023 collection, we have selected the Saône plain in Burgundy, and more specifically Cîteaux, located just a few kilometres from the Tonnellerie Rousseau. The Cîteaux forest covers 6,000 hectares known for its magnificent oak trees of excellence and quality, located between the Burgundy coast to the west and the Jura foothills to the east. This forest is renowned for its bio-diversity, which will bring finesse and structure to the red wines, as well as spicy and woody notes.

The Tronçais, Bertranges and Châtillon collections are also part of the Confidential Range.