Hexagone collection #4 : VERSAILLES

The concept

With the Hexagone Collection, launched in 2018, we want to help you discover the most prestigious forests in France for the maturation of your
wines and to create the perfect match between your wine and our oak !

Each year, we introduce a new barrel from a new forest, a barrel numbered and in limited edition, so you can introduce an innovative and
special product into your winery : a new prestigious vessel that will bring to light your most prestigious wines the and the French forests !

Due to the scarcity of the oaks chosen, the Hexagone barrels are only available in 228 L, Burgundy shape, with 8 galvanized or chestnut hoops

Following Rambouillet (2018), Bellême (2019) and Montagne de Reims (2020), we take you on trip to Louis XIV’s hunting territories, in the Forêt Domaniale de Versailles.

Foret de Versailles en 2019 #hexagone Tonnellerie Rousseau

2021 : Versailles, Forest of Kings of France

Intimately connected to the destiny of the Palace of Versailles, it is in this forest that Louis XIII liked to hunt when he built in 1622 a hunting lodge which will become the most sumptuous of the castles in Europe, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 250-year-old oak trees, harvested to make the staves for this 4th edition of the Hexagone collection, come from the «final cut» of a plot in
natural regeneration. They are the last «mother» trees to have been used for the renewal of future generations of oaks.

The rarity of this exceptional lot lies in its quality and quantity, considering the limited area of the forest (1,037 hectares) and its peri-urban forestry. Mainly endowed with pedunculate oaks and located on a rich ground, this forest produces oaks of extra fine grain due to the density of the stand.

The Hexagone Versailles barrel will provide structure and complexity with elegance and a subtle aromatic support. It will be perfect for maturing premimum reds and recommended for long ageing period (18 months and more).

It is available in 228L in a limited and numbered edition (250 copies).
Choice of toast: L, LC, ML, M +, Strong (ML recommended).